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I have breed Alsatians for over 20 years, and as it is the breed with the most breeding restrictions, it's easy for me to pass on for instance our health politics. My goal is that everyone gets a dog that's healthy and lively dog, with all the qualities, that this breed has. As I also have a dog saloon, I have a good general view of the breed, because people from all of Denmark come to me for a "hair cut".


I have found out, that the breed is way over average when it comes to hereditary health and temper and soul, which definitely also is hereditary.


My present breed is based on Hopla's strong D-litter and an import of the German breed representative and judge M.M. Sieber.The dogs name is Wheaten Rebel`s Black Eyed Susan. At the same time I use this connection to have a good co-operation with Germany, where we, amoung other things, get a lot of good informations.


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