Hopla Big Foot Bobo DK Champion



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Born 30 Maj:

Hopla Wish me Luck

Hopla Solo

Far: Honeylee's Lord Of My Heart

Mor: Hopla Dream About Me  

Far: Diana's Homestead Allstarmann

Mor: Wheaten Rebel's Black Eyed Susan


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The weekend in Hårlev went so well, we shouldnt complain at all!

Began by Kobra won the champion class after being away for a year. The judge said in return that Elvis was a really good dog, but put him down in "good" because he thought his fur wasent good enough yet. Very frustrating after being No 2 in world exhibition 14 days ago. Bumblebee (Mamba) won her class and got her 3th cert. That means, Mamba in the age of 22 months, on the day became Danish Champion! Boogie won her class and became best bitch with her daughter, Mamba, as nr 2. Kobra ended up being best in breed!

Sunday; we should have a Portuguese judge, wich we were a lot exited about. He started out in the other breeds, not to be fur fanatic. After all, it is not only what it depends on, so it was nice to see him continuing, knowing the approved furs of the breed. Kobra became No 2 best champion, quite amazing! Elvis became the best of all males, where he also received his last cert. Elvis: Danish champion, 22 months old, on the day! Completely amazing!!..... Boogie were on the day No 3 of all bitches with Mamba infront as NO 2 best bitch ..... Boogie-old-girl became, both days, NO 2 best veteran of all breeds! A weekend where the boys were more than tired mentally, because Kobra had the lady visit, and 2 bitches were ready for mating at home. Well done, by them that they still can find out "to be on" when they forgot their brain at home!



All in all a weekend where everything went as it should. Super performance, lots of walks on the beach at Køge beach, and both days cozy relationships with the Swedish farmers.


Now we will try to have a little "weekend-off" where Tango, Hopla Wish Me Luck, is going to be mated with Hopla Solo. Then it goes on again in the Netherlands at Easter, where Elvis and Boogie is going to be shown again.



We wish all a good Easter!




Lady visit


Kobra has been visited by Eljajos Boxy.

Puppies are expected on may 17th, born in Sweden.

All contact to: Lena Svensson




Wednesday 4th of March; we went to Birmingham, where Elvis and Diva were in the ring as  the first on Thursday. We were informed that there could be lots of animal welfare activists. They would block our way in different ways. Either physically or by throwing paint after the dogs. A negative information so, just in case, we already were in the hall 5:30 to avoid them. Cruft is one of the world's largest and most prestigious dog shows, which the dogs can be qualified to take part in. Mamba and Elvis were the only Danish dogs from our race, the main issue for us were that we presented the best breed for Denmark. We can safely say the two "hairballs" had left their "pawprints".
Elvis became No 2 in his class and Diva won her class, and jointed the winners of all classes,  in the ring against each other. Incredible,  Diva became NO 2, only beaten by the winner of last year. So that means Diva can take part in the yearly cruft shows, qualified for her whole lifetime.
An incredible experience to see so many Wheaten together in one place. Total of 181 were enrolled.
Fun to see how the different countries have different "hair styles"!!
  Nothing goes according to numerical order, so it all may seem a bit hectic 
 With our extremely great results could we, after 7 hours at ringside, finally relax. alot of interest were shown,  particular for Elvis, he's now  old enough for mating. Fortunately he is photogenic, cause a lot of pictures were taken.
We were making a lot of good connections, both for the breeding and exchange of knowledge. Very good for the breed.
Happy, we the went to the hotel, where we celebrated the victories with a few pines.





Elvis win 2 place




Diva win here class

More picstures? - Click here!


Its not every day we goes to England, so we planned to take some extra days there. Fortunately.!

Gert and I had'nt slept in the 4 nights we were there. The first 3 nights, we had a bed that were even harder than the floor, and after having complained over it, we were almost no longer able to move our stiff limbs, AND then we got new bedroom!! A beautiful sky-bed, but paperthin walls,unfortunately, beside the bride suite, that were taken in use after midnight. The windows of the room, had prospect over the parking lot, that Elvis were intensely following. With his great intelligence, he had found out that he could open the window. From the 1st floor, he hanged out the window! The panic spread when we discovered his abilities ! then Elvis were banished to the bathroom. Uh, what could have happened!


Friday; Tired - but still happy, we went to cruft again, just to look. There were so many "stande" that seeing them in one day, were impossible. We had to keep our wallet tight, to avoid overloaded cars on the trip home. 

The place is so big, that there were busses from the parking lot to the halls. It all went on in 6 halls - shows and various experiences. A really great idea were, that there were made a stand to all breeds, where there were a 2 - and 4 - legged representative of the breed and various information so people could get an insight into the breeds, and what it had to offer.

We met a lot of friends from home and abroad. Especially Gert were having a lot of great talks with a lot of his foreign judgecolleagues. He also spent some money on a lot of dog books to his judge-offender, you cant get in Denmark.


We also met some of the Danish participants from other breeds, and could make "cheerleader-group" < A thing the English people does a lot, than at home. There were a lot of noise, so not a wonder, the dogs were tired at the hotel.

Saturday, we were in Shakespeare's town - Stratford. Among other things, we were seeing a butterfly park. A very special experience. to go from the cold weather and into the tropical clima. Incredibly beautyfull as you can see on pictures, (Click here!)

But the dogs should also have some fun experiences, so we went to a huge park where you could walk for hours in a beautiful scenery. The two well-kept "hairballs" caused some attention. After a nice cold day, we went to the hotel, looking forward for a good night's sleep, so we had the energy for the 15 hours drive by car back home. Were home late night on Sunday and think we were all tired of having to meet on the job a few hours after.

You can see more pictures from the trip by clicking on one of the taps above.

Right now the dogs are again under the scissors, so we are ready for next weekend-the 21.og 22. 3 where it all wents on again in Hårlev on sjælland.


Holsted |15th of february|



Best bitch and dog


Wheaten Rebel's Black Eyed Susan and Baldringes Ringo star 





Then the season went on again!


In a new, really good hall. Smooth - but with lots of space. With lots of "adhesive" on the paws, it went very well.

The German judge believed that Elvis still was too "childish" in his fur.

But he was entirely satisfeid with Mamba, and placed her as nr 4 of all bitches.

Their mother-Boogie-went straight on again this year, in the age of 9, became "best in breed" and 2. best veteran of all terriers.


Sara and Boogie having a good time Elvis infront of the judge
Boogie Elvis







Fredericia |16th of february|





Sunday we started in cold weather and snow, we really appreciated that we shouldn't be outside all day long!

A really nice day, and a lot of the old puppybuyers gathered together as a "cheerleading group" and were having a good time with us. Wonderful when families gradually know each other.

A lot of coffee were drunken and dogs discussed.



The "Hopla Corner"



Elvis with some of his competitors





On Sunday was Elvis in his best mood. His weakness for women was reciprocated, when the Slovenian female judge, Brigitta Kremser, was so crazy about him that he became No 3 of all males, in front of a champion. Fantastic!


Diva was again in hard competition with a lot of good dogs and champions. She joined again by No 4 of all bitches. Well done





Boogie did it again! Almost not believing it, but was the second day in a row, best in breed.


The judge had a big smile on her face, seeing such an old dog, still were so beautiful walking and with such great a joy showing her qualities. Great to have a dog in your hand for so many years and that still think it's fun to show up. She has after all had a great and long career, and 4 litters.

So Anne who has her living daily, got extra credit for her work with conditioning. I just must say that Anne is 67 years. that may also give others lust to give extra, to keep their old dogs in shape.

A fantastic weekend! Now we are going home, preparing us for Birmingham.

Big thanks to our cheerleading group!



Best bitch and dog


Wheaten Rebel's Black Eyed Susan and Extra's Sunshine Prince